Adam Desmonde - Truro City Councillor

Representing Truro - Working for a fair and Prosperous Cornwall

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Key Issues


Education in Cornwall is a very important issue to me. I was fortunate to go to Treliske School during the time of Mr. Ayres, the head master, where, thanks to his mentoring and the excellent grounding I received at Roskear School in Camborne, I was able to overcome the challenges I faced, which could have held me back.

Supporting young Cornish people with potential and ability, but hamstrung by unseen restrictions, has always been something close to my heart and I believe vital to our local economy. It is my hope that, should I become elected to the city council, I will be able to provide support to both the dyslexic association in Truro and those students who require just a little additional assistance to enable them to excel.

I also believe it is vital to teach our young people about personal finance and mathematics, which can be applied to real life. In my opinion it is a travesty that whilst at school children are not taught the fundamentals of personal credit and debt, how mortgages are managed and how we as individuals can save for the future and why that is important. I believe this is so imperative I recently completed a book on the subject, which I shall publish shortly.

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