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Personal Profile

Cllr Desmonde has considerable experience as a senior project manager and business lead within a private investment company. In addition, four years experience developing and project managing tailored ICT solutions to Whitehall as a consultant business analyst. Four years experience in equity investment, portfolio management and the development of risk analysis tools for the private investor. He is an experienced PRINCE 2registered practitioner with knowledge of Agile.

Key Skills

Project management (8 years) 
Policy Development (5 Years)
Prince 2 Project Management (8 years) 
Business case Development (10 years)
Business process and Risk analysis (10 years) 
Working with public and private sector 
Software solution development (5 years) 
Property Development, equity investment

Career History

Kernovation.Ltd. Senior Project manager 
As senior project manager Cllr Desmonde is responsible for all elements of the business such as maintaining relations with customers and suppliers, dealing with legal, financial and contractual matters and identifying new investment opportunities. It is also his role to develop business cases to attract investors, assess risk and manage the resources at his disposal. At any one time he can have two to three projects under his control.

Notably over the last two years he has completed and disposed of a residential development, overseen the sale of development land and been the project leader for the design and funding of a new commercial development which was accepted for part financing through the Convergence Funding initiative in Cornwall. This involved managing multiple teams and identifying savings, procurement benefits, working closely with the public sector and identifying efficiencies

In addition Cllr Desmonde has been heavily involved in developing investment strategies and software focused on the equity markets. This has led to the suite of investment tools, ‘Wealth-IIO’, securing support from the Oxford Innovation Society based on the business case developed.

Truro Technology Park Senior Project Manager 
As senior project manager Cllr Desmonde was responsible for investment in three large commercial properties in Truro. From risk analysis to full letting, he was accountable for creation and management of the assets, coordination & management of teams (over 30 different subcontractors and 50+ workers) as well as sales, marketing, procurement, tendering, financial and legal work packages.

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister – E-business unit. Consultant 
Cllr Desmonde worked as a consultant to the E-business department of the Deputy Prime Ministers office, advising on the benefits of SAP BW to the finance department and production of supporting literature for board analysis. This led to an appointment to consult on the procurement of a portal solution to meet the business needs of ODPM. Through meetings with senior staff and stake holders he identified their requirements, produced a business case which was accepted and over saw the selection and programme for implementation of the solution. This involved meeting with and analysing tenders from Microsoft, Oracle and independent developers. 

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister – Finance. Consultant 
During his time in the finance department of ODPM Cllr Desmonde was involved in a number of different roles including the transition to a SAP R3 working environment, analyzing business systems and developing solutions to take advantage of e-businesstechnology and Information Communication Technology (ICT) e.g. developing databases and providing access to financial/statistical data.

Of particular note was the development of a complex Access database application dealing with financial master data, specifically hundreds of detailed records of charitable contributors.This was so well received by senior management it was held up as an example of what could be achieved through in-house development and was the subject of a presentation to staff and directors.

Department for Transport Local Government and the Regions- Finance 
ICT support 
Cllr Desmonde's role was the focal point for the ICT over three floors of a central London public sector department. He was tasked with maintaining the ICT of in excess of 100 people and being the bridge between them and the technical help desk. Of particular note was his inclusion as the coordinator of the ICT at the DTLR’s annual finance conference where he was responsible for managing a large team maintaining 5 simultaneous presentations to 100’s of staff.

Additional Positions

WH Smiths - Truro

Sainsbury's - Truro

Additional Professional Skills

PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner. Registration number P2R/246628


BSc Hons Degree in Multimedia Computing Plymouth University (2000 - 2001)
HND in Information Technology, Cornwall College (1998 - 2000)

Additional Skills

Expert: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, data analysis, MS Project, Merlin

Highly experienced: Procurement, E-business, SSADM, web development, contract development, negotiation, database development, finance, marketing, business case development and managing people.

In addition; Planning process experience from both sides of the process, marketing, public relations, project initiation, tendering and costs management.

Interests and other

Key: Running, surfing, personal fitness and sailing. Riding the waves in North Cornwall is a powerful motivation to stay fit and healthy at all times and has involved travel and experiencing life removed from the regular tourist path. I have moved through Europe extensively and lived in the Gulf for five years

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